sexta-feira, 24 de maio de 2013


The call released on the last 26th of April in Lisbon, for an international protest on the 1st of June has been answered. In the face of widespread economy disarray and social collapse on various degrees of magnitude throughout Europe, ten countries and over 70 cities (and counting) have answered positively.

Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria and Holland's peoples will stand up on the 1st of June to call for an end to austerity. The international network of resistance against austerity and the troika has been solidly building and will organize an important international event, a common shout to demand a halt to these policies and to the civilizational retrocess being imposed by the troika of the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, aided by complying national governments.

As in Frankfurt Blockupy will protest in front of the European Central Bank Headquarters, in Lisbon the “Que Se Lixe a Troika” will protest in front of the national IMF headquarters, in Madrid, "Mareas Ciudadanas" will protest in front of the national European Commission headquarters, and in dozens more cities all around each of the ten countries protests will take place in search of a future without austerity-ridden policies and the ideological fanaticism which is destroying the most important thing in Europe: its peoples. Athens, Dublin, Paris, Vienna, London, The Hague, Florence, Porto, Barcelona, Marseille, Turin, Vigo, Coimbra, Santander, Bordeaux, Braga, Valencia, Toulouse, Seville, Funchal, Lyon, Tenerife, and dozens more cities and towns are joining!

The call has been supported by film director Ken Loach, political scientist Susan George, historian Eric Toussaint, french MEP Jean-Luc Melenchon, linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky, and many many more. The numbers continue to rise. In calls as in supporters.

On the first of June, European countries will cry out with one voice against austerity and the troika. Peoples' struggles are rising and solidarity is a reality for Europe. It will be the answer. The 1st will be the beginning, not the end. The time has come to stop the destruction encompassed in the minds of the leading deciders in an undemocratic Europe. Democracy must rule. Democracy must return. The people shall unite and it shall not be defeated.