quarta-feira, 29 de maio de 2013

Susan George supports the International Protest of June, 1st, "Peoples United against the troika"

Susan George has sent us a support message regarding the International Protest of June, 1st, "Peoples United against the troika":

"I hope everyone in Europe will come out on the first of June to protest against the troika.
Why must we protest against the troika? Because here we are up against three institutions, all of which are completely undemocratical.
The first is of course the International Monetary Fund which by the way have said that they know now that austerity is going to create huge unemployment and be extremely costly to the economy and not promote growth at all. They now this. They've studied it. They published. But they are still not changing policy.
The second is the European Central Bank, again, appointed. The head of it is a very smart man, Mario Draghi which was also an employee of Goldman Sachs. Who do you think he is going to priviledge in his decisions? Will it be the people or will it be the banking system?
The third is off course the European Commission, and these people are not elected either. The three of them together are taking onto their own shoulders the policy decisions of member countries. No one has ever signed up for that.
Now we have treaties that are putting us in a straitjacket, we are told that the European Commission and these other unelected people will deal with our won budgets, with our own debt and repayment system, that they are going to deal with everything all the things that are the most important functions of a government and particularly of a parliament which we have elected. They may be good, they may be bad, but at least we have elected them.
We have to say no to this destruction, this systematic destruction of democracy. We have to say no to the policies that these people are putting in place, because these policies are invented in the name of the financial industry, the corporate sector and a very tiny minority of europeans, for whom the crisis is an opportunity to enrich themselves. This is an anti-democratic, anti-people and anti-human policy which all europeans must oppose, because if they don't, they'll be the next victims."

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