segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2013

Noam Chomsky supports the International Protest of June, 1st

Noam Chomsky has sent us a support message regarding the International Protest of June, 1st, "Peoples United against the troika":

«In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, ECB President Mario Draghi grandly proclaimed that the European social contract, one of modern Europe’s major contributions to modern civilization, is “obsolete,” and must be discarded. That is one of the predictable consequences of the cruel and savage austerity programs imposed on the most vulnerable parts of the European population, along with the equally predictable consequence of worsening the crisis that was caused mostly by the predatory and corrupt financial institutions.
The time has come for the victims to rise up and join together in protest and to lead the way towards the more just future that is surely within reach.»

(ler em português aqui)